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how to make a flash

2011-06-08 01:04:44 by mashizu

my friends told me that i was great at making animmations and one of them told me to try posting them on newgrounds , but i dont know how to make a flash x.x (only did them with movie maker)


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2011-06-08 01:45:49

step 1. get flash.


2011-06-08 01:48:19

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2011-06-19 12:33:30

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2011-07-27 14:38:17

as much as i would love to see them perhaps if you are not comfortable with flash you shouldnt see if its possible to export your work from movie maker to a flash file
i dont work with movie maker or flash so i wouldnt know if this is possible or not but its worth looking into
there are programs out ther specifically made for converting files if you cant export it perhaps you should find some converting software it should be free if your worried about money

mashizu responds:

kk than u